The Association cooperates with private investors, corporate funds, venture funds, crowds and flagging companies.
Startups registry
1) The Accelerator Association forms and develops a startup register with expert project evaluation, metrics, project analytics and monitoring of their progress.
2) The investor gets an opportunity to invest in the selected projects.
3) In process of occurrence of new projects in the register - distribution with offers on participation in projects is formed.
Participation in Accelerators
Proceeding from the sphere of interests - the Investor can invest both in individual projects from the Association's start-ups portfolio - and take part in financing projects under specific Accelerators (joining funds).
The Accelerator Association promotes the development of investor cooperation with accelerators.
Analytics and Expertise
Access to the analytics monitored, selected and / or initiated by the Association (through Partners, Expert community) - technological achievements, trends, etc.
Additional features:
  • 1
    Participation in events as an invited Speaker
  • 2
    Participation in project competitions and start-ups - as a Jury, Expert
  • 3
    Invitation to participate in international meetings
  • 4
    Support and support in launching your own project / startup competition
Each investor is assigned his own manager-employee of the Association, who can address the questions.