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the Experts Community of the Accelerators Association is involved in the following areas of its activities:
  • Analytics and Navigation
    Surveys, assessments, polls, hostesses, foresight sessions, etc.

    For example: a methodological check of accelerators programs for compliance with the best practices for working with startup teams (in order to prevent the emergence of unscrupulous accelerators that violate the image of the accelerator network in the subjects of the Russian Federation).
  • Education
    Development of educational programs and formats, implementation.

    For example: designing educational programs for employees of accelerators, users of accelerators programs.
  • Expertise
    Branch (technical), scientific, business expertise.
    Including examination of projects.
  • Communicatios
    Participation in events, performances, moderation.
  • Methodology
    For example: developing a methodology for accelerators interaction with federal and regional authorities. Assistance in overcoming administrative barriers in the development of start-ups.
  • Cooperation
    Initiation, development and promotion of joint projects in the field of acceleration.
Experts Categories

Experience in scientific positions in scientific / research / educational Russian or foreign organizations is at least 5 years. Availability of scientific publications. Work on scientific projects, R & D (active and / or completed).

Experience in manufacturing industry companies from 5 years, management of R & D projects, technological units, understanding of engineering and experience in the implementation of engineering projects.
Experience in specialized development institutes, Federal Housing and Public Utilities, NGOs.

Leading a profitable business (especially manufacturing, high-tech); experience in the creation, development and subsequent sale of business; experience in the withdrawal of products / services to international markets (near, far abroad); experience of outsourcing production abroad; leading position in large corporations - marketing, work with suppliers, sales, client service, HR, etc.
The procedure for inclusion in the Experts Community
  • Application from the Expert
    Send us the application-request for inclusion of the experts of the Association in the pool through the feedback form above. After that we will send you the registration form of the Expert. or fill out the Expert questionnaire immediately and send to the e-mail address of the Association.
    You must attach your resume to the questionnaire.
  • Application Processing
    Processing of the application / questionnaire of the Expert by the manager of the Association lasts 5-7 calendar days and consists in verifying the reliability of the data provided. You can request diplomas, certificates. We also clarify the priorities of the candidate for the Experts regarding the areas of cooperation with the Association.
  • Assignment of Expert status
    Signing an agreement on cooperation between the Expert and the Association. Display Expert data in the Association database ("Expert Panel"). Inclusion of the Expert in the composition of closed thematic subscriptions and inclusion in the list of activities. Harmonization of information policies of the parties.
    Privacy agreement.
Completed questionnaires, summaries send to e-mail:
Experts Community
"Expert panel" is an exclusive research and intellectual asset of the Association. Below are the leading experts of the Accelerator Association (by category). A complete list of experts (including Leaders) is a closed database and is not available for open viewing.
  • Evgeny Evgenievich Kovshov
    IT, AI, BigData, Digital technologies
    Scientific expert
    Programming, algorithmization, intelligent information processing systems, man-machine control systems, automation of technological processes and productions
  • Tatyana Petrovna Vyugina
    Chemical Technology
    Industry expert
    Organic synthesis; Processing of chemical raw materials; Coke-chemical products; Technical gases;
    Liquefied natural gas; Graphene.
    Has 2 valid patents.
  • Timur Nikolaevich Shchukin
    Scientific expert
    Experienced expert in the field of theories of functional systems, artificial intelligence, biological feedback and neurointerfaces.
  • Vyacheslav Arnoldovich Kravtsov
    Industry expert
    Enterprise management systems and DBMS (experience in development and implementation). Integrated security systems (from concept to implementation). Projects on robotics "on a turn-key basis".
  • Timofey Yurievich Golovin
    FinTech, Software startups
    Business expert
    Expertise in strategic analysis, business modeling, financial modeling, team building and motivation, project management.
  • Pablo Emilio Iturralde Bakero
    AutoNet, Vehicles
    Scientific expert
    Sports vehicles. Ground transportation and technological means
  • Konstantin Alexandrovich Pozdnyakov
    Power engineering, Certification,
    Industry expert
    Energy, power plants,
    Certification and standardization
  • Oksana A. Klimenko
    Sustainable Project Management
    Industry expert
    Corporate project management systems in organizations
    Sustainable Project Management
..... and others.
The list of experts is constantly updated.