of Accelerators Association

  • Arseniy Uralov
    President of the Association,
    Director for Strategic Development
    Director of the scientific and educational center "Smithy of Technologies", Moscow Polytech.
    The founder of the first industrial accelerator "STEEL".
    Visionary in the field of technological entrepreneurship.
  • Maria Sirotinina
    Vice President, Director of the "Youth Entrepreneurship"
    Head of the Commission on Youth Entrepreneurship of the Council of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science for Youth Affairs, Deputy Director of the Federal State Institution "Russian Center for Assistance to Youth Entrepreneurship" Rosmolodezhi
  • Timofey Golovin
    Vice President,
    FinTech Market Director
    Director of Corporate Services in NUMA Moscow (French accelerator).
    CEO in NUMA Invest.
  • Anna Gushchina
    Secretary of the Association,
    Director for work with innovative infrastructure, SMEs
    Director of "Inframap" - Innovation and Production Infrastructure Research Center
  • Yuri Abramov
    Auditor Association
    Deputy General Director in ANO "Agency for Technological Development" under the Government of RF
  • Natalia Smirnova
    Director for Investments, interaction with business angels and venture funds
    CEO of Personal Advisor (Over 350 clients, total assets of clients under management (stock market, business, real estate, etc.) - over 400 million dollars. In the financial sector, almost 20 years.).
    The winner of the Global Financial Planning Awards 2015 and 2016 is the best financial advisor for the European region.
  • Alexander Semenov
    Director for New Markets
    Executive Director of the trade union "NeuroNet", Director of the accelerator "NeuroNet" (accelerator NTI)
  • Tatyana Vyugina
    Director for the regions
    Deputy. chairman of the branch office for engineering FMOS "Delovaya Russia".
    Member of the Commission of the Public Council at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on the issues of import substitution in industry of Russia (KVIP). Member of the Council of NP "International Center for Engineering and Innovation". Director for Development of the International Institute of Chemistry of Modern Economics.
  • Konstantin Pozdnyakov
    Director for Standardization and Certification

    Member of the Committee on Energy Strategy and Development of the Fuel and Energy Complex of the RF CCI;
    Member of the Supervisory Board of NP "Russian Peat and Bioenergy Community"; Member of the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on Energy on legislative support for the development of small-scale energy; Member of the Industry Department of FMOS on Engineering FMOS "Delovaya Russia".
  • Evgeny Kovshov
    Director for work with intellectual property and the development of patent landscapes
    Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.
    26 candidates of sciences were prepared (19 - technical sciences, 7 - economics).
    Author / co-author of more than 220 publications.
    Member of three doctoral dissertational councils.
  • Evgenia Gorkina
    Director for Media and Community Development

    The author and presenter of the program "Gorkina Pravda", "Reverse Party" and "Cooking History" in Mediametrics.
    The second director in Teleproject New Star.
    The creator of the project in What'sup Startup (Media of the Russian Startup Industry).
  • Vyacheslav Kravtsov
    Head of Community and platforms "RUSMAKERS"

    Development of robotic systems - more than 15 years.
    Developed the concept and implementation of a new type of service - promo robots R.BOT.
    In makers field - more than 30 years.